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Deseret News

Deseret Morning News The Deseret News was first published in 1850, only three years after Brigham Young led the Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. "We hold ourselves responsible to the highest court of truth for our intentions, and the highest court of equity for our execution," wrote the newspaper's first editor, Dr. Willard Richards. Today the Deseret News is a large, colorful newspaper almost unimaginable to the pioneers who printed the first editions on a wrought-iron handpress "a little larger than a clothes wringer."

The Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake TribuneThe first edition of The Salt Lake Daily Tribune and Utah Mining Gazette was published in 1871. The Salt Lake Tribune's management pledged "where sectional feelings exist it will aim for their abolishment by the encouragement of charitable feelings and the promotion of better acquaintance." More than 120 years later, The Salt Lake Tribune editors push their reporters to find "solution" stories — accounts that demonstrate people solving their communities' problems through cooperation, intelligence and diligence.


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